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VIVITROL® may not work for everyone. It is not known if VIVITROL® is safe and effective in children. See the Medication Guide for more information about opioid withdrawal and the ingredients in VIVITROL® and the liquid used to mix it. Take VIVITROL® once a month. If you are ready for recovery, VIVITROL® along with counseling may be able to help. VIVITROL® is the only treatment for opioid- or alcohol-dependent patients that is:

Once-monthly Vivitrol’s® long-acting formula means the injection only has to be administered once a month.

Non-addictive Vivitrol® doesn’t lead to physical dependence. stopping Vivitrol® treatment doesn’t cause withdrawal.

Vivitrol & Opiods

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Vivitrol & Alcohol

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Vivitrol® Medication Guide

Please see the full medication guide for additional information.

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