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PRS provides compassionate, evidence-based Alcohol and Opioid Use Disorder Treatment. We are proud to be the nation’s largest outpatient provider of Vivitrol Medical Management. We envelop our patient's with daily peer support and the highest level of clinical care to drive exceptional recovery outcomes and patient satisfaction.

How we deliver care: PRS provides MAT treatment remotely in any possible setting including outpatient clinics, rehabilitation facilities, sober living homes, correctional institutions, courthouses and more. We deploy a team of highly skilled and specialty trained clinicians and peer support advocates to conduct the MAT treatment. Between monthly injections, we engage patient's with ongoing peer and clinical support leveraging our innovative technology platform and connect them with continuous behavioral health and social support resources. We accept most all forms of Medicaid and Commercial Insurance.

Some of our
proven outcomes:
  • Patient's who are engaged with our Nurse Practitioners between treatment are 3Xs times more likely to adhere to their recovery plan
  • PRS patient's satisfaction with our care exceeds 95%.
  • PRS pairs Vivitrol and the patient's choice of Counseling, giving us an 86.8% success rate.


Mission and values


To improve the wellbeing of patient's with Substance Use Disorder by meeting them where they are and supporting them to initiate and sustain recovery.



Conducting ourselves respectfully, transparently and honestly.


Establishing measurable targets and delivering on all performance expectations.


Supporting patient's with empathetic evidence-based care without judgement.


Continuously improving our outcomes with novel processes, science and technology

Warning: This video contains strong language

“PRS pairs Vivitrol and the patient's choice of Counseling, giving us an 86.8%
success rate after 6 months of treatment.”